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Bre Washington Bio Los Angeles

Bre Washington serves as teen programs manager at Step Up. In this role, she helps ensure the execution and success of Step Up's programs for high school girls and those who identify with girlhood.

Bre connects with Step Up's mission and values, and her vision is to create safe places where teen girls can build community, learn from mentors to achieve their goals, and discover their purpose in life.

Bre earned a BA from Cal Poly Pomona where she studied business marketing. Along her path, she held various positions at nonprofits united by the themes of valuing and empowering young people. She helped to develop a teen small group program at her church, coordinated many activities and events throughout the years, and mentored many teens along the way.

In her free time, Bre enjoys dancing, trying new foods and even learning to cook, going to karaoke rooms with her friends, laying out on the beach, swimming, and of course streaming TV shows and movies!

Get to Know Bre
What has your mentor taught you?
My previous co-worker Natalie has been not only a mentor to me, but also a friend. She has been a listening ear and strong support ever since we were just co-workers and she continues to be there for me as our relationship has developed over the years. She has been a constant through the ups and downs in my professional, spiritual, and personal life. A lesson she has taught me over the years is to have confidence in myself and to give myself grace. Because of her, I have learned to be vulnerable in sharing my emotions and thoughts because she was a safe place where I knew she would listen, share encouragement and pray for me.

Which Step Up value resonates the most with you?
Meaningful connection resonates with me the most. I believe that all people desire meaning and connection in life in some shape or fashion however, at times it can be challenging, so I am honored to be able to be a part in creating those moments for teens.

What do you enjoy most about working at Step Up?
I enjoy the opportunity to be able to create meaningful connections and moments for young girls that can shape their futures. Step Up is an organization of passionate women and mentors to empower the next generation of women, and the future looks bright!

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