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April’s Updates and Need to Knows

An Inside Look to Muchin High School’s (Chicago) Health and Wellness Session and Step Up Saturday

The Health and Wellness Session at Muchin High School was an enlightening experience, graced by the presence of four remarkable mentors: Beth Redichel, Jacqueline Romo, Madison Schmid, and Liz Leach from North Star Attorney. Throughout the session, our teens engaged in an open dialogue about the vital significance of self-care and mental well-being. The attorney mentors brought invaluable insights and advice, particularly addressing academic and personal challenges faced by young girls. Their relatability and wealth of knowledge empowered our attendees, leaving them equipped with practical guidance to navigate their journeys with resilience and confidence

On Saturday, March 23, the inaugural Step Up Saturday was held in Atlanta. 11 teens and 13 mentors gathered at The Sloomoo Institute (slime museum!) for a fun-filled day of mentoring. The teens learned how to build social capital through networking and getting to know the dynamic women who Step(ped) Up by showing up to spend some time with them. The day ended with a tour of Sloomoo where the teens and mentors watched others get "slimed" and learned how slime is made in various textures and colors before making their own versions to take home!

Student highlights

Name: Keyonna Butler

School: Stratford STEM (Nashville)


SU:Why did you decide to join Step Up?

KB: I decided to join Step Up because I was looking for something to do after school and wanted to get involved in something productive and beneficial. Step Up seemed like a safe place and perfect for what I was looking for.

SU:Which session of Step Up on Campus was your favorite? Why?

KB: As of the present, my favorite session of Step Up on campus was definitely when we made body scrubs because I had never done it before and they smelled so good! I also really liked when we did the career survey because I learned a lot about myself.

SU:What area do you feel like you have grown the most through your participation in Step Up?

KB:The area I feel I grew the most in is confidence, I feel like I have more confidence in Step Up than I ever felt in any other group. I feel comfortable trying new things that I probably wouldn’t do otherwise.

SU:How has Step Up impacted you or supported you in your future plans?

KB: So far Step Up has made me see more career paths that I could take than I originally planned. I want to do something in the healthcare field like get my CNA or LPN.

SU:What is your favorite thing about your fellow?

KB: Ms. Roth is the most amazing, understanding person I have ever met! She is the best at making you feel comfortable and welcome. She is kind-hearted and sweet; I couldn't ask for anyone better than her.

Spread the word and Make a Difference

Step Up kicked off its expansion to the San Francisco Bay Area with a MentorSip reception on Wednesday, March 27, attended by nearly 60 guests. The evening was hosted by Step Up partner Birdies and supported by partners Benefit Cosmetics and Kyla Kombucha. Birdies Co-Founder and CEO Bianca Gates interviewed Step Up CEO Delores Druilhet Morton and introduced Step Up Founder Kaye Popofsky Kramer, who both shared that Step Up mentorship would begin in the region on May 14 when the organization hosts a Power Talks session for young women ages 18-29 in partnership with City Year San Jose.

Building community together and with your help

To share contacts and ideas for Step Up's growth in the San Francisco Bay Area, please complete this Form so that we can be in touch!


Fellow Highlights

Name: Tikyree Allen

School: Muchin (Chicago)

Role at school: Culture Specialist

Number of years at school: 3 years

SU:Why do you think Step Up on Campus is a good fit for Muchin?

TA: I built relationships with all the girls at Muchin and have become a listening ear for them. Listening to them and hearing their needs, I knew this program would be beneficial for all of us. The program has allowed the girls to discuss their thoughts freely and safely amongst girls from different backgrounds and age ranges. They have been able to bond over their experiences and come out of their shells. Step Up has just opened the door for girls to come together and actually hear each other, while sharing their goals. 

SU:Why did you decide to become a fellow?

TA: I decided to become a fellow because I wanted to be a part of something that promotes positive female empowerment through collaborative work. I noticed a need for peer mentorship and positive female role models at Muchin and wanted to continue Step Up at our campus.

SU:How do you recruit students for the program?

TA: I recruit at our different enrichment fairs, and I do one on one check-ins with scholars to let them know more about the program. I also followed up with advisors/teachers and asked them if they would recommend any of their female scholars for the program. Having good relationships with our female scholars, and their parents I was honestly able to recruit through word of mouth as well.

SU:What are you most looking forward to as a fellow this semester?

TA: After the last 3 sessions we have had I am looking forward to seeing the growth these young ladies unfold within themselves. We have so many deep conversations in our sessions and hearing their view point and seeing their maturity just excites me. I am also very excited for the upcoming activities/conversations we have planned for them.

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