Elle Lynn Quimpo bio


Elle Lynn Quimpo bio
ellelynn@suwn.org Chicago

Elle Lynn Quimpo is a teen programs manager at Step Up. Striving for social justice, she values education, advocacy, and community-building. Her vision is to activate young women on their paths toward becoming thriving scholars, leaders, and citizens.

Elle completed graduate school at Loyola Marymount University with a masters in educational studies and undergrad at University of California Santa Barbara with a bachelor's in psychology and sociology. Throughout her academic career, she cultivated her passion for educating and impacting others. She was a dedicated student leader and organizer for UCSB's Kapatirang Pilipino, whose purpose was to bring the community together through political empowerment, Filipin@ cultural awareness, and the promotion of academic excellence.

She has worked in higher education, from Career Services to the Educational Opportunity program, to Admissions. Through working with students, she learned the importance of mentorship and representation. She views education as the most powerful way for people to invest in themselves and achieve social progress. Through Step Up, Elle hopes to challenge, support, and inspire future generations of strong, capable women. In her free time, Elle enjoys attending concerts, carpool karaoke, and spending time with her loved ones.

Get to Know Elle
What has your mentor taught you?
Stephanie was instrumental to both my personal and professional growth during my first "big girl" job in the Admissions Office of Loyola Law School. As a fresh college graduate, I was so young and green. Not only did she train me in my new position, but she also helped me navigate being a young adult working and going to grad school full-time. Our morning chats became routine and therapeutic, and I always walked out of her office feeling affirmed and understood. The biggest lesson Stephanie instilled in me was the importance of self-advocacy. She was so much more than a colleague to me, she became my friend, role model, and mentor who I can count on for support to this very day.

Which Step Up value resonates with you the most?
Culture of Community - This value resonates the strongest with me because as a relationship-builder, connecting with others is not only my passion, but one of my biggest strengths. I love being a part of an organization that creates opportunities for safe and brave spaces for girls and women to show up authentically. I feel that sense of community internally as a staff member, and externally through working directly with our teens, alumnae, and mentors.

What do you enjoy most about working at Step Up?
The people - Step Up staff is a bunch of amazing humans! I feel so grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such talented, creative, and dynamic women. I have learned so much from Step Up colleagues, past and present.

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