Eshontee Rowee


Eshontee Rowee

Coordinator, Teen Programs

First Year of Service

Eshontee Rowe is a dynamic force in youth advocacy, bringing her wealth of personal and professional experiences to empower the next generation. Currently serving as the Teens Program Coordinator for Atlanta, Eshontee is deeply committed to guiding and uplifting young individuals as they navigate the complexities of adolescence and adulthood.

A graduate of Albany State University, Eshontee earned her Bachelor's degree in Visual and Performing Arts with a Concentration in Music in 2020. Her academic journey not only honed her artistic talents but also instilled in her a strong sense of creativity and resilience.

Before joining Step Up, Eshontee dedicated eight years to child welfare advocacy, leveraging her lived experience within the foster care system to drive systemic change in Georgia. As a national youth advocate, she tirelessly worked to amplify the voices of marginalized youth, advocating for their rights and well-being at both local and national levels.

One of Eshontee's favorite aspects of working at Step Up is the organization's supportive environment and commitment to empowering young women to define success on their own terms. She finds joy in giving young ladies the tools and confidence to embrace their true selves and pursue their dreams with determination.

Eshontee's passion for empowering young people extends beyond her professional endeavors. She has a profound commitment to helping individuals define their own paths to success, recognizing that success looks different for everyone. Drawing inspiration from mentors and guiding figures, Eshontee lives by the words of Lisa Nichols, "You are the designer of your destiny; you are the author of your story," and August Wilson's wisdom, urging others to maintain self-belief despite any disbelief they may encounter.

With her unwavering dedication, Eshontee Rowe continues to be a beacon of hope and empowerment for youth, inspiring them to embrace their unique journeys and create fulfilling lives on their own terms.

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