How Brands Come to Life on Social Media

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How Brands Come to Life on Social Media

When taking advantage of social media and posting on behalf of your brand there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure consistency and maximize impact.

First is to understand what the right social media platforms for your brand are. It varies from brand to brand, so a good place to start is to survey where the audiences you actually want to target are spending their time and invest heavily in those platforms. As we know, different demographics spend time at different places, so diversifying the channels you invest in is key. You may find that there’s an opportunity to engage more on TikTok or LinkedIn for example.

Once you know the channels that are most strategic for your brand, determining the distinct personality and tone of voice you want to portray through these channels is important. Brands should work to adapt their personality and tone for the channel they are communicating on, ensuring it feels right for the audiences who will engage with them there. For example, on TikTok brands might be conversational, casual, and fun as opposed to LinkedIn where they might dial up their professional presence and tone.

Lastly, consistency is critical. Yes, in terms of frequency of posting but also in terms of brand personality and tone of voice.No matter who in your organization is writing social media content, it should sound like it is coming from the same source of truth to maintain familiarity and promote a cohesive brand experience. With consistent communication on platforms that are right for your brand, you build and maintain trust and credibility with your audiences. The result – lasting impact.

Check out Innovation Protocol’s VP of Brand Strategy, Stacey Chapper, as she shares how organizations can optimize social media for their branding efforts and what are the most important things to focus on when posting on behalf of your brand. Watch here.

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