Luminary Career Coaching: Caitlyn and Anne

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Luminary Career Coaching: Caitlyn and Anne
Luminaries Career Coaching This week, we would like to highlight a mentorship pair from Step Up Luminaries Career Coaching, a matched mentoring program in which mentees receive monthly career coaching from professional women. We sat down with Camille and Maryam a pair of participants to hear about their experience in the first session.

Luminaries Career Coaching offers free professional development to help young women and gender-expansive young adults between the ages of 18-23 jumpstart their careers. For three months, mentees receive monthly career coaching from assigned Step Up mentors who help them define what success looks like for them. We spoke with Caitlyn MacAllister who is coaching Anne Devlin as she navigates her career journey. We asked them what they thought of the program so far and how they have been enjoying their time with Step Up. We first connected with mentor Caitlyn.

What does being a Step Up member and mentor mean to you?

For me, I have been fortunate enough to have had great mentors in my career and in my life, who have been able to help inspire me to grow and to help me advance in a very tactical way. I am a big believer in “pull as you climb” and Step-Up has been a way for me to carry forward the practice of sharing one’s own tools, knowledge, and resources to help passionate, ambitious, women reach their dreams.

What drew you to Step Up initially?

I came to know Step-Up through an event at work several years ago. What drew me to become a mentor beyond that event was Step-Up’s approach to providing very specific, tactical guidance and the focus on building confidence.

Tell us about your Luminaries Career Coaching experience. What made you sign up to be a Coach?

I have been a Young Luminaries coach for many years. I was hooked after my initial experience mentoring at an event through my job at the time and have been a mentor for the Young Luminaries program for high school students. The expansion of this program to career coaching was an exciting opportunity to stay involved with Step Up.

What insight or knowledge has Luminaries Career Coaching brought to you so far, personally and/or professionally?

Professionally, the experience has made me think differently about how I coach my own teams at work. The approach that Step-us has had made me a better leader. Personally, I have loved learning about my Young Luminary mentee and her ambitions. It gives me hope and excitement for the future.

Would you recommend this experience to a friend? If so, why?!

Absolutely! I talk to my friends and family about Step-Up all the time. Being a mentor is a transformative experience and the approach that Step-Up has is an effective one. I am just grateful to be part of it.

Next, Step Up connected with Young Luminary, Anne Devlin.

What does being a Step Up participant mean to you?

It means having easy access to a community of like-minded ambitious young women. I appreciate Step Up’s holistic approach to career development. In the short amount of time that I have been involved with Step up, I met a lot of inspiring women, my mentors included. I’ve participated in various programs; the Blueprint series discussed topics about our values and authentic selves, an experienceship, and career coaching.

What drew you to Step Up initially

That it was a space dedicated to the success of young women. Definitely wanted to get involved when I saw the kinds of programs they had for both career and personal development. It was also very accessible with the virtual free programs.

What made you sign up to be a Young Luminary?

It was phenomenal! I was wondering if my career path was right for me or if I should redirect my energy elsewhere. I work in a family business so I had doubts if I was choosing this path for the right reasons.

What insight or knowledge has Luminaries Career Coaching brought to you so far, personally and/or professionally?

Caitlyn taught me how to eat an elephant. One bite at a time. She made me consider what I love about working at Miracaza and how I can shift things so that they work best for me. I realized I liked working there, I just needed to reach certain goals to meet the lifestyle I want. I would look at these goals as big picture things that will take a long time to reach, and therefore I wouldn’t have time to take a vacation abroad like I’d want anytime soon. She really taught me how to make these business goals smaller, more attainable, and less overwhelming.

Would you recommend the experience to a friend? If so, why?!

Yes! It doesn’t take much time from your day-to-day, you learn something valuable from your career coach, and you meet someone amazing!

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