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Educators: Fall Into Involvement

Keep Up with Step Up’s events and invite young women, teens and those who identify with womanhood to join! 

Learn more about what Step Up has to offer! Step Up provides various mentorship, career, and personal growth opportunities through zoom video conferences for young adults, teens (and those who identify with girlhood) to define their ideal destination and get there. 

Past Step Up events that have occurred last month are a Town Hall mental health forum, and young adults Explore interest series: Impact our future country. 

The Town Hall: the impact of a changing world presented by Comcast NBC Universal was a conference featuring: Bruny Kenou - IRTA Fellow at NIMH, Director of Data Analytics at LOM, and Mental Health Advocate, Hannah Tall - director of programs form The Loveland Foundation, Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik co-founders of Almost 30 and last but not least our very own Kathryn Robinson - VP of programs in Step Up. 

Our Explore Interests series highlights how a multitude of roles in various industries can align toward a common interest: Impacting the Future of our Country. Mentors present at this session represent a sector of either government, non-profit, activism, public service, civic engagement, or education, and can share a bit about the impact their role makes on the collective interest of impacting the Future of our Country. 

Check out our ongoing conference  Fly Together!  Fly together is an ongoing peer + career mentorship program that will unite the same group of teens from around the country for four online sessions. During these sessions, teens will make new friends, experience mentorship with diverse and supportive mentors like you, and develops kills that will help them pursue their career dreams.  More mentorship opportunities can be found on our website. 

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